Project Master Planning

All projects have a beginning

Do you need Project Master Planning Services for you new Residential Design? All projects have a beginning; a simple comment, but not such a simple process. STUDIO ELEVEN has the experience to help you best realize your project, be it a single-family home or multifamily housing project, by maximizing your Land Use Potential to its highest and best use. We help establish your development and design criteria working with  you,  community leaders, planners and engineers, to familiarize you with the process and them with the project.


Site planning generally begins by assessing a potential site for development through a thorough site analysis. Information about slope, soils, hydrology, vegetation, parcel ownership, sun orientation, etc., are assessed and expertly mapped. By determining areas that are poor for development (such as floodplain or steep slopes) or better for development, the planner can assess optimal location and design a structure or structures that work within this space. Within site analysis, you also need to take into consideration the requirements of the zoning that is applicable to the property as well as the zoning surrounding the property. These are typically regulations that have been structured to designate the land that can be used as residential, commercial or industrial development. This allows a municipality to create a diverse and vibrant community.

Project Master Planning
Project Master Planning Sarasota
Project Master Planning Company
Project Master Planning Company Sarasota

Many of these same concerns are as necessary for the development of a single-family home on a single lot as they are for a 100-home subdivision.


There will be setback requirements, height restrictions, daylight plane requirements, building coverage and more that need to be addressed prior to even considering the purchase of a property and before even considering the design of the building. Possibly you will be in a restricted community with an overview guideline by a local Architectural Review Board (ARB) that will have its own requirements that mandate a separate approval for the site, building, landscape and possibly even color and finish.


Prior to beginning your design process, take the time to let the experience of STUDIO ELEVEN assist you in research and planning.


STUDIO ELEVEN has a long-standing reputation for our innovative Project Master Planning Services in Sarasota Florida, specializing in a variety of project types, including: Single Family custom home design, Duplex and Multi-Family, Office, Retail, Restaurant, Mixed-Use and Interior projects. Our Design services include but are not limited to Residential Design, Virtual Home Design, Drafting Services, Project Master Planning, and more.


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